Hospitales San Roque Maspalomas


Respiratory diseases are a very common pathology in daily clinical activities. The number of patients in this field constantly increases, mainly due to tobacco consumption.

Pulmonology and thoracic surgery are parts of the medical specialities that deal with the respiratory system. The basic aim of pulmonology is the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases.

Thoracic surgery is a relatively modern speciality directly linked to pulmonology that encompasses the diagnosis and surgical treatment of thoracic diseases that affect the chest wall, pleura, lungs, trachea and bronchi, mediastinum, oesophagus and diaphragm.

Our department offers a comprehensive assessment of respiratory diseases through a medical assessment carried out by doctors specialized in this field. It also offers early and combined diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using pulmonary functional testing, videobronchoscopy, minimally-invasive surgery (videothoracoscopy) and open surgery that requires a short hospital stay.


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