Hospitales San Roque Las Palmas GC


We are pioneers in the Canary Islands in the areas related to advanced laparoscopic surgery, minimally-invasive surgery and major outpatient surgery. We use the latest laparoscopic surgery procedures (obesity, colon cancer, hepatic surgery, gastric cancer, adrenal cancer, spleen cancer, hiatal and inguinal hernia, cholecystectomy and appendectomy).

We also perform breast conserving surgery by using techniques such as the sentinel lymph node.

Concerning proctology, the centre has a diode laser to perform haemorrhoid surgery as well as for fistulas and fissures that is available 24-hours a day for surgical emergencies.   

The department of surgery, as well as the rest of the hospital, carries out an important educational task, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in collaboration with the School of Medicine of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Furthermore, this department receives frequent visits from surgeons from all over the region and the country who come to observe and learn techniques related to advanced laparoscopic surgery.


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