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Nephrology is the speciality that concerns the study and treatment of kidney diseases, arterial hypertension and hydroelectrolytic imbalances of our bodies.

It is a medical speciality clearly distinguished from Urology, which treats kidney diseases by means of surgical interventions.

Although this is a generally unknown speciality, everyone has heard about chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, and especially about arterial hypertension. Nephrology specialists treat these and other diseases, although many of them need a multidisciplinary approach.

Diabetic nephropathy is a typical example of a disease that requires the care of a nephrologist. Kidney disease caused by diabetes is also the main reason to enter into an extrarenal clearance programme (dialysis). Early diagnosis of this anomaly and its treatment can result in curing or slowing down kidney damage.

Over the last few years, the so called “epidemic” chronic renal failure has been striking. An estimated 9% of the population suffers from this disease without even knowing it. This is what we call Hidden Renal Disease. Due to the few symptoms it causes, a person can unknowingly suffer from it. The nephrologist’s job focuses on determining the initial causes and combating the progression of the illness in order to preserve kidney function.

Another significant area of this speciality is arterial hypertension. Everybody knows that high blood pressure is a very frequent condition affecting as much as 50% of the population at life’s midpoint. The lack of an appropriate diagnosis and treatment results in patients frequently showing signs of cardiovascular alterations and kidney damage.

In less known fields, nephrologists carry out their job by treating patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease by means of dialysis or a kidney transplant.

In short: nephrology, like other specialities, tries to prevent renal disease and, if the disease has already developed, to slow it down or treat it through replacement therapies such as dialysis or a transplant.



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